Working out without proper nutrition is meaningless. The formula of health, beauty and harmony is the proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Individual consultations with our nutritionists will help you learn how to choose healthy and delicious food at the same time. Nutritional counseling program includes all the steps to achieve your goals and stage of healthy eating habits consolidation.


Dietary evaluation

Under the supervision of a nutritionist, the analyzes and evaluation of dietary habits is made for the development of your individual diet. Based on the data, given by our machine analyzer TANITA, your nutrition program is developed considering all of your most refined tastes. The recommendations are made in coordination with the chef and the coaching staff of "TSARSKY". This allows us to provide our customers with a nutrition program which is the most adapted to the training program, the conditions of life and habits. The result is success in achieving your goals which is guaranteed in the shortest possible time.


Weight management

Based on the data, given by our machine analyzer TANITA, and on the requirements of the patient, a diet is developed to restore the balance of the body (weight loss and weight management).


Food intolerance determination

It allows you to determine your food intolerance issues and kinds of food which increase the accumulation of toxins and provoke the phenomena of hidden energy, causing a variety of symptoms. Our nutritionists will develop an individual nutrition plan for you based on your health status, age, sex, physical activity level, lifestyle and individual food preferences.


Peculiarities of nutrition support program:

The determination of body composition by the analyzer-device TANITA

Mandatory medical examination

The physiological pace of weight loss


Individual approach:

The attention of our specialists to your diet preferences

Making an individual balanced diet for you

The possibility to combine a diet with massage, fitness training and other physical therapy procedures that stimulate metabolism and increase the effectiveness of the program


We are always result-oriented, we set realistic goals for ourselves and our clients, we use only proven skills and act within medical ethics standards.