TSARSKY CITY RESORT is a complex, designed to take an idea of vacation and personal care to a new level and create a new lifestyle of life which will soon become a key point of contact between business and cultural elites. TSARSKY CITY RESORT is a symbiosis of first-class world resorts and the most popular fitness centers of the future – and all of that is already available to you.

TSARSKY is an ambitious project of the development company TARYAN. Having united real professionals in the field of management, architecture, design and marketing, TARYAN company is promoting a new philosophy of work and with every new project confirms its special status among its competitors.

There is no doubts that TSARSKY CITY RESORT is a decent implementation of innovative ideas and technologies that have become the basis for the Company's unique approach.

A unique Ukrainian-American company was created to run TSARSKY complex. The managing partner of the Company is John Hart who has rich experience in the development of restaurants and private clubs in Miami.